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The LAW LIBRARY can assist you in your legal research and either direct you to appropriate materials in the library or obtain materials for you from another library. 

The LAW LIBRARY cannot provide you with LEGAL ADVICE. As a library, it is important to realize that there are inherent limits to research and a practical application of the law must be sought only under the guidance of a qualified bankruptcy law firm. Those debtor and creditor’s rights issues that are not substantially dealt with by the material contained at the law library are best suited for a legal consultation directly with an attorney who is qualified and registered with the state bar of the respective state, such as California or Texas.

Children are welcome at the law library if they remain quiet and are supervised by an accompanying adult. We are a family friendly institution and seek always to provide the best possible service for your legal research needs. Contact our library via our phone that is listed for a quick and friendly conversation about how our library may be suited to your legal needs.

Cell phone use is not allowed in the library. Although texting is allowed if the sound and vibration is turned off. As such, it is important to respect those who are seeking quiet research. Our library does contain sections of the library where study and discussions and other discourse are allowed as long as they remain at a reasonable level and do not disturb other patrons. Consider reserving a room in order to discuss legal topics with peers, other students, or to take part in a legal seminar such as one that is offered weekly at our library. 

The LAW LIBRARY is a selective, state depository library, receiving many California state publications — including legislative records.



Bankruptcy attorney dallas tx is a 24/7 legal advice law firm offering more than simply reference service. You will be allowed real-time access to a professional attorney and may schedule a free consultation as needed. As always, it is important to note that by contacting the law firm, the library, or any other institution or information contained at the library or on this website, no legal advice is being dispensed. No attorney-client privilege nor any relationship of such professional statute is being entered by viewing, responding to, or asking questions about such information. Call an attorney.

The questions do not go to your local library.

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